Welcome to our site! We are a family of four taking part of a school year out to travel some of the world. We want to spend some quality time together as a family and give our daughters the opportunity to see our amazing world, to learn about other cultures and to help others by volunteering. Follow us on our travels and get in touch!

East Coast expeditions - part one!

Wednesday 8th August 2018

By Rebekah We returned to the east coast after touring Florida with the intention of seeing some national parks, beaches and the sights of Las Vegas. On the drive down from the airport we stopped in at Fletchers Cove for a walk along the beach. We saw some fantastic piles of seaweed, like mounds of spaghetti. We also saw a lot of dead seagulls, something we hadn't encountered on any other beaches in all our travels. Whilst it was pretty free…

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Top Places for Florida Family Fun

Monday 23rd April 2018

By Rebekah We arrived in Orlando, Florida and were greeted by my lovely dad who has a house there - it was fantastic to see him as we hadn't been together since we left in August and I was looking forward to some home comforts (not to mention his home cooking!) in a place that has many happy memories for us. We have been lucky enough to stay at dad's place many times over the years so we have fond memories…

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The Bulls on the Big Island

Saturday 7th April 2018

By Rebekah We arrived on the Big Island and after a palaver sorting out a hire car (book one in advance people) we headed off for our accommodation, intriguingly called "the Jungalow"! We chose to stay in a little town called Volcano mainly because where we had wanted to stay (in Kona) was completely full and also because we wanted to visit the Volcano National Park which was close by. A couple we met in Fiji had told us that on…

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Our visit to Oahu and Pearl Harbor

Saturday 31st March 2018

By Rebekah It was raining in Hawaii when we arrived - and it was definitely on the cooler side of chilly which we were not expecting! Having left Fiji on Tuesday afternoon (including a short stopover at Christmas Island while they refuelled) we then crossed the international date line and arrived in Hawaii on the same Tuesday morning! We headed to Waikiki where we had a studio booked for a couple of nights near the beach. We stuffed our faces at the…

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Rest and relaxation in Fiji

Saturday 10th March 2018

By Rebekah Fiji was the perfect antidote to our time in New Zealand where we had driven thousands of kilometres and been packing up and moving on every few days - here we had the chance to relax and recharge our very depleted batteries enjoying "Fiji time" at a beachfront resort called Tambua Sands. Yes that's right we were staying in ONE place for a whole NINE DAYS! We had originally planned to extend our time in Fiji and spend time travelling…

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Our New Zealand North Island Adventure

Tuesday 27th February 2018

By Rebekah North Island Arriving in Wellington after the short flight from Christchurch we were met at the airport by my wonderful friend Tash, who I've seen just twice in the last ten years after our friendship began as colleagues back in early noughties. Tash and her husband Pete had very generously offered to host us in their flat under their house close to the city and the girls were very excited to meet their four boys (aged 4-12) and have someone…

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New Zealand - Our South Island Adventure

Thursday 22nd February 2018

By Nikki Thursday 4th January 2017: Sydney - Christchurch We flew into Christchurch from Sydney with Qantas. We had used Qantas for all of our internal flights around Australia and we were very impressed with the level of service that they gave us. We landed in Christchurch on a late flight that got in just before midnight so we decided to crash as close to the airport as possible so had booked at Jucy Snooze for the night. Jucy are a big company…

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Christmas in Sydney, a day at the races and a shark warning!

Saturday 10th February 2018

By Rebekah So we had completed our drive from Brisbane to Sydney, taking in some amazing places on our road trip. We had arrived in Sydney. We dropped our bags off at the BIG Hostel before returning the car to the airport and catching the train back to the city. At first I thought there had to be some mistake. But I checked and questioned the cashier. Yes it was correct. It was going to cost close to £40 for a…

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The Road From Brisbane To Sydney

Thursday 8th February 2018

By Rebekah As mentioned previously, after exploring Queensland, we originally wanted to drive all the way to Sydney but found that the Christmas holidays meant most cars were booked or no rental companies had any cars they wanted to end up in Sydney. So we hopped on the short flight to Brisbane to drive the Gold Coast from there. We stayed overnight in one of the worst accommodations we have had the misfortune to find. Not filthy which was a plus…

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Queensland - where the rainforest meets the sea!

Thursday 25th January 2018

By Rebekah We headed to Queensland after a long layover in Alice Springs which gave us a chance to catch up on postcards and emails - even sending Christmas cards to family at home. We arrived late and couldn't make out much of our surroundings on the drive from Cairns airport to Port Douglas. We spent our first couple days just relaxing on the world famous Four Mile Beach and even ventured into the water but only where the stinger nets…

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The Northern Territory

Saturday 6th January 2018

By Rebekah The Northern Territory After our time in beautiful Western Australia we flew to Alice Springs as a stopover on our way to Uluru. We were there for only a couple of days but in that time we visited one of our top places that we've been to so far - the kangaroo sanctuary. We're really wary since travelling about the term "sanctuary" as it's often misused in a bid to attract unsuspecting tourists who discover that the "sanctuary" is…

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The perfect start to our Australian adventure

Wednesday 20th December 2017

By Rebekah Western Australia is often overlooked as a tourist destination with people preferring the east coast when travelling from afar. We decided to visit Perth because I (Rebekah) have been to Australia before some 17 years ago but never to Western Australia and it was less flying time from Singapore to head to the west coast. After an overnight stay in an airport motel following a late arrival we headed off to our destination. I'm so glad we chose to…

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Why Borneo taught us a lesson and what we learned

Monday 4th December 2017

By Rebekah So Borneo didn't exactly go to plan. But we can't say it wasn't exactly what we needed because as it turned out, it was. It was a bit of a spur of the moment, "shall we/shan't we" decision. We tossed about Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali (thank goodness we didn't choose there given the volcanic activity that has now grounded flights at its main airport), staying in Singapore but we settled on Borneo as we wanted to find some nature…

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Family guide to Singapore (or what we did on our travels)

Thursday 30th November 2017

By Rebekah Art Science Museum We visited on a Friday as they run Family Fridays where children under 12 go free! This was a good saving as some attractions can be expensive in Singapore. The girls loved the future science exhibition, especially the doodle aquarium where you coloured in a picture which you then scanned and watched your creation dance about on the massive "aquarium" wall. The other exhibition was closed for maintenance and the art gallery installation was a little adult…

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Islands of Thailand

Friday 24th November 2017

By Rebekah After enjoying our time in the northern part of Thailand we decided to head to the south and experience a different side of Thailand by visiting some of the many islands before heading to Krabi. We chose Ko Yao Noi to stay on mainly because geographically it made the most sense, laying between Phuket and Krabi but also because we were drawn to the appeal of a more untouched island, not so developed and away from the party islands…

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Five things to do in Chiang Mai with kids!

Friday 10th November 2017

By Rebekah Five things to do in Chiang Mai with kids We decided to head up to Chiang Mai after our stay in Bangkok as we wanted to explore the north of Thailand before heading down to the islands on the south. We stayed in an Airbnb near the Nimmanhaemin Road and within walking distance of the Maya mall, here's our top 5 things to do if you're in Chiang Mai with children! 1 Saturday Night Market We had read about the Sunday…

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Bangkok - A very pleasant surprise

Saturday 4th November 2017

By Nikki   When Rebekah was planning our schedule for this trip I have to be honest and say that I didn't expect Thailand to figure on our countries to visit and I certainly did not envisage us even contemplating a venture into Bangkok. As far as my uneducated travel mind was concerned Bangkok was either the place that old men went to choose a young wife, young men went to watch a game of Ping Pong (and I don't mean table…

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Planes, trains and taxis in India (or how not to travel)

Sunday 29th October 2017

By Rebekah We headed off from Wildlife SOS much to the annoyance of Darcy who would have certainly stayed for the rest of her life with her new elephant friends. We reached our hotel, the Optimum Tara Palace, recommended by another travelling family we'd heard from on one of our travel fb groups. We were really happy with the room and hotel overall and enjoyed a restful afternoon after our exertions at Wildlife SOS. We booked ourselves a sunrise tour of…

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Five days, nine elephants, four happy Bulls

Tuesday 24th October 2017

By Rebekah We left Delhi and headed south to somewhere just outside Agra to volunteer with Wildlife SOS, a charity that started out rescuing sloth bears - India's dancing bears before starting to rescue some of India's elephants too. We endured the worst journey of our lives. Over seven hours (the driver got lost in a journey that should have taken three and a half), we were driven around Agra for two hours trying to find a cash machine that worked as…

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We're in India! (Part 1)

Sunday 22nd October 2017

By Rebekah Well India is over but with it came some of our top experiences and it truly is a place you have to see to believe. Granted it's not for everyone and I think you either know if you're someone who wants to go to India or not. I was always someone who wanted to go to India. Largely for the Taj Mahal, I have the best relationship with Indian food (haha!) and I also just wanted to say I've been…

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