Welcome to our site! We are a family of four taking part of a school year out to travel some of the world. We want to spend some quality time together as a family and give our daughters the opportunity to see our amazing world, to learn about other cultures and to help others by volunteering. Follow us on our travels and get in touch!

Cruelty, craziness and courage

Wednesday 11th October 2017

By Darcy Cruelty: I have learnt at a lovely sanctuary about cruelty to animals. Today we went to a sloth bear sanctuary and the story is heart breaking 💔. Hundreds of years ago ill educated people decided to do a horrible job : dancing bears . Dancing bears were used in India for street entertainment. The people go and kill a mother bear and steal its cubs in the cover of darkness. The cubs teeth are then broken with sharp…

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Goodbye Tanzania & Zanzibar we WONT be seeing you again!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Goodbye Tanzania & Zanzibar we WONT be seeing you again! As I sit in the departure lounge at the Zanzibar Ferry Port waiting to board our ship back to Tanzania I have only one emotion and that is that I will NEVER return to this place again. It is bizarre in someways that I feel like this given some of the wonderful things that we have done here and the memories that have been created - Prison Island with the giant…

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Goodbye Uganda - these muzungus will be back!

Monday 2nd October 2017

By Rebekah We returned back to the Enro hotel ready to start with the Mityana charity. When we arrived there the team were ready to greet us with a full programme of events that we could join in with and also gave us a presentation of their work and introduced the staff. We are familiar with the charity as the girls school is fundamentally linked to it after the charity was founded by a former deputy head. Actually seeing the charity…

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Review of the Enro Hotel

Thursday 28th September 2017

By Rebekah The good the bad and the ugly The Good The staff are really the only good thing about this hotel and even then there's the not so good amongst them. The waitress ladies Betty Jacky and Maria are great and once you get used to their mannerisms they are happy to help and friendly too. Justine our housekeeper was excellent - at her job and the customer service even letting Kitty join in the cleaning as she loves housework!! The bar…

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Murchison Falls Safari (Welcome to Uganda part 2)

Sunday 17th September 2017

By Rebekah I'm not sure how many parts this diary of Uganda is going to end up being, there's so much to see and talk about and share with you all. The Enro Hotel is closely located to the Mityana charity hence our decision to stay there and whilst it may have felt like a palace in comparison to our disastrous overnighter at SINA the reality is rather more stark. Long periods of no electricity, we had no running cold water…

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Hey Muzunga how are you! (Or welcome to uganda - part 1)

Tuesday 12th September 2017

By Rebekah We have majorly limited wifi so please bear with us if we are a bit "off-grid" for the next couple of weeks. I have about ten minutes until I have to go for our river cruise on the Nile, so please check back for part 2 - our safari! Flying out of the teensy airport at Port Elizabeth was a surprisingly easy task, having not been able to check in online we had to do so at the airport and…

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9 days in Cape Town

Thursday 7th September 2017

by Nikki DESTINATION: CAPE TOWN LENGTH OF STAY: 9 NIGHTS HOW DID WE GET THERE: LONDON HEATHROW T3 - CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL WHO DID WE FLY WITH: BRITISH AIRWAYS WHAT TYPE OF ACCOMODATION DID USE: AIRBNB WHERE DID WE STAY: OBSERVATORY, CAPETOWN Cape Town was the first stop on our around the world trip and it totally exceeded all of our hopes and expectations, I would strongly recommend Cape Town as a destination for anyone looking to travel or have…

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Review of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Wednesday 6th September 2017

By Rebekah Sanbona review Sanbona wildlife reserve is a luxury safari resort based just over three hours outside of Cape Town. Whilst the animals are "wild" some control measures exist and as they aim to return the area to its original state they are still carefully balancing the wildlife that they have in the reserve. The drought that South Africa has been enduring has had consequences for the resort as there is not enough grass to sustain some of their animals. The…

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Four have fun in Cape Town

Tuesday 5th September 2017

By Rebekah As you may have noticed our anticipated plans for regular updates via the blog haven't been quite as regular as we'd planned and that's only because we've been out and about doing so much that quite honestly I don't know where the time has gone! Since the last post we have been to see the typical sights associated with Cape Town and really enjoyed seeing the spectacle of nature that Cape Town has to offer. We went out with…

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And we're off!

Monday 28th August 2017

By Rebekah Well it's been a few days since the last update and although we haven't even been here for a week, it feels like a long time ago that we left the UK. We left on Wednesday evening on the British Airways night flight out of Heathrow, the first time we have waited around ALL DAY for a very exciting flight! It all went so well and we even managed some sleep. Upon arriving we checked into our AirBnB (review of which…

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The Final Preparations (sings "It's the Final Countdown!!")

Sunday 20th August 2017

By Rebekah We're entering our last few days here in the UK and it's a pretty weird feeling. The pets are being packed up for their foster families, the shopping is all finished and Darcy has been ominously announcing "it's our last Thursday in England" then "it's our last Friday in England" (repeat as necessary). I don't like saying goodbye so I'm sticking to "see you soon!" How has it come around so fast? I feel like we were only just sitting…

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How I feel

Wednesday 16th August 2017

How I feel By Darcy Going on this trip has made me realise how lucky I am. Recently we watched a film on Uganda and it made me feel upset seeing how poor all the people are. They don't have anything that I have. I have a wonderful school called St. Sebastian's, I can read long novels and have a roof over my head. When we where first thinking about going away I just thought we were going away for a month.…

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"That's your sister isn't it? Tell her she's my hero."

Thursday 10th August 2017

By Rebekah One of the things that has surprised me most about the trip is the reaction it has and how many people have said "wow we want to do this" and I LOVE the idea that it just might inspire someone to do their own trip. The headline of this article is true - my sister got that message accompanied by the picture of us in The Wokingham Paper - and it has been one of the most empowering and…

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The Converted Traveller (or what to do when your wife wants to travel and you're not so sure)

Monday 7th August 2017

By Nikki With just over two weeks now to go until we head off on our around the world trip I never thought that I would or could be as excited as I am about it. Travelling has never appealed to me in the slightest - yes I have enjoyed many great holidays over the years in some wonderful locations but that's all they ever were to me - holidays - and at the end of them I was always ready…

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My top 5 apps for preparing for a RTW trip and how you can use them in every day life

Friday 4th August 2017

By Rebekah I'm writing this blog like I have any idea about how to prepare for a round the world trip. Actually I still feel like I don't have any idea even though it's just under three weeks until we go so it's still a work in progress but I have found a few apps that have made researching, planning and preparing that bit easier. They can be used for all sorts of reasons not just planning a trip like this.…

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The top three questions you get asked when you're planning to travel the world

Friday 28th July 2017

By Rebekah After deciding to make the trip a reality and not just talking about it, with the planning underway and flights booked, telling people became the next exciting thing to do... It's a weird sentence to say "we're off to go travelling", it feels a bit strange and but telling people often elicits the same three questions, from strangers, friends and family, and here they are: 1 "Oooh where are you going?" Well you can see on our itinerary where we are going…

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Welcome to our Website!

Tuesday 25th July 2017

By Rebekah Writing a blog is a new experience for me but in a previous life I was a journalist so I'm hoping to have retained some of those skills! Please get in touch with any comments or questions as we'd love to hear from anyone as we prepare for our travels. A lot of people want to know where this idea came from - travelling is something I've always dreamed of doing but aside from holidays to fairly mainstream destinations I…

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