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We (Nikki and Rebekah) have been together for over 13 years and married for 10, we have two daughters Darcy (9) and Kitty (almost 7), neither of us have ever done any travelling like this before!

We decided to take the time to go now to experience a life removed from the normal routines of school runs, jobs and household chores and we believe it will not harm the girls' educations to miss one school year, in fact we think it will give them an amazing alternative education. We fully believe that life whizzes by so quickly and that we need to take opportunities when they arise and this trip gives us an amazing chance to see the world and make so many memories that we will share as a family forever.

We are selling, storing or donating as much of our "stuff" as we can but we do plan to come back so not everything is going! Our daughters have so many toys and clothes and we want them to see that they can survive with a limited supply of both and that people in the world have far less. We are also embracing the notion of carrying everything we need, trying new things and taking a break from our phones!

World Travel Blog, Family World Trip, Around the World Blog


I am a former professional footballer who started out at Aston Villa and QPR. I played for Aldershot Town, Wycombe Wanderers, Brentford and Margate before moving to the sidelines and managing Margate. I enjoy golf, fishing and watching the Discovery Channel. I am most looking forward to coaching children in Uganda, going to Alaska to mine some gold and Tuna fishing in Maine!


I am a former journalist having graduated from Bournemouth University in 2002. After working for various local newspapers I met and married Nikki, had two daughters, staying at home to look after them until recently returning to work. I enjoy seeing my family and friends, reading and the cinema. I'm most looking forward to volunteering in Uganda, seeing the Taj Mahal and road-tripping the States!


Hello! I am nine and enjoy playing with my tortoise Fizz (who I'm going to miss so much), reading Jacqueline Wilson and Katherine Rundell books and seeing my friends especially my best friend Bel. I like sports and enjoy swimming and golf. I'm most looking forward to diving with sharks, rescuing turtles and volunteering at the school in Uganda.


Hi I'm Kitty, and I am 7. I have asked my best friend Evie to look after my hamster Bubbles while we are away. I like playing in the garden and cooking. I also love horse riding and playing with makeup. I'm most looking forward to visiting Pearl Harbour, horse riding in the sea in Fiji and safari in Uganda.